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Welcome, we are Jan and Hayley, a former and a serving Head Teacher, now coach and coachee.


We are at very different stages in our careers in education, but on a journey that has overlapped.

This book is from our school leader perspective, but with the conscious understanding that leadership spans many different businesses and organisations, together with self-leadership, getting yourself from A to B.


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A distinctive feature of 'Pure Coaching' is the use of questions at the end of each chapter that shares the two leadership journeys of its authors, Hayley and Jan. The questions help you to not only reflect on your own journey to date but provide valuable thinking opportunities about your current situation and future - rather like the purpose of pure coaching that this book shares and advocates. A definite recommended read for any leader.

That this book draws on so much relevant experience of what it truly feels like to be a member of staff in a loving, breathing school environment make it instantly relatable and therefore of immense practical use to any member of staff in an educational setting.

A fantastic easy read which shares our East Park journey from Special Measures to Outstanding! It emphasises the importance and power that coaching creates and remember, it's available for everyone!



Grounded in good practice and extensive experience, this invaluable and enlightening book will help you not only to fulfill your potential but also unleash the potential within others’

- Paul McGee, The SUMO Guy - Sunday Times bestselling author and speaker

I am inspired by Jan and Hayley’s profound dedication to coaching the coaches who improve the way we teach and learn.

Their coaching recommendations come from a deep sense of purpose and  devotion to quality education.

Their passion compels them to do their due diligence—to study, practice, and reflect on the role of coaching, what works, and what doesn’t.

- Susan Fowler, Author: Master Your Motivation—Three Scientific Truths for Achieving Your Goals


Co-Author Jan Rudge introduces the new book, Pure Coaching.


  • Our stories about leading ourselves and others.

  • Reflective questions to aid your own pro-active thinking.

  • Learn about the successful Leadership Edge 3 tier accreditation system enabling you to sustainably implement a coaching culture in any organisation, or to learn how to become a coach yourself.

  • A reference ‘library’ of twenty great leadership books and sources.

  • Follow up websites and links for future reference; for situations that need more than PURE coaching can fulfil.

Illustrated by Dan Smith


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